There are three stories that all came together in one place with two friends and a couple beers at an oyster bar in New York City: Travel, a grandmother named Ganny, and sheer enthusiasm. Those are the stories that founded Postography.

Sam Utne and his wife (then girlfriend), Molly, like to travel. When they try a restaurant or reach an obscure spot that was recommended to them, they like to say 'thanks.' In the past, that was a text message with a photo attached, "We made it. You're the best!" Occasionally, they'd send a postcard too. And when they did, they notices a strange thing: the text, with the personal photo, would elicit a simple, "Yay" and then vanish into the digital void, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, the postcard that had been selected off a rack of generic postcards on the street, was displayed proudly in their friend's home would invariably trigger an enthusiastic phone call or a heartfelt email filled with gratitude. Turns out: people love postcards!

A Grandmother Named Ganny.
In story number two, Sam was trying to communicate with his grandma. And to be honest, he was feeling a little guilty he didn't communicate with her more frequently. Numerous family members had tried and failed to get Ganny on email. And text messages would never be an option. Phone calls were good when they worked but Sam was free at night and Ganny was available during the day. In the end, writing letters was really the only way to go. Unfortunately, writing a letter is a daunting task. Even when all you want to say is "I miss you." the extra space on the page makes your sweet note feel a little lacking in depth. To solve this, Sam would send postcards instead of letters. The size of a postcard meant that a moment of thoughtfulness could be captured in just that, a moment.

Sending postcards worked well in theory, but Sam was always hunting for relevant cards, never had stamps, and they would waste days before making it to a mailbox. That's when the idea hit: What if Sam could connect his main method of communication, the iPhone in his hand, with Ganny's preferred choice, her mailbox?

Sheer Enthusiasm.
Like many of Sam's ideas, this one would have remained on the back-burner had it not been for an evening and a few beers with his friend, Eric Batscha.

Sam and Eric would get together to chat and throw ideas around on a semi-regular basis. The idea of working on something together had always been fun. When Eric heard about the idea for what would become Postography, he loved it and sparks flew. That evening at the John Dory in The Ace Hotel, a company was born, passionate about thoughtful communication and delivering the highest quality product around.


Postography is an elegant app dedicated to connecting people, experiences, and moments in a more personal way. Take a picture, type a message, select their address, and tap send. Your friend or loved one will receive a highly sustainable, real paper postcard through the mail in about a week. Users love the simplicity and have already embraced Postography for wedding save-the-dates, travel correspondences, simply to say “thank you”, and so much more.

There is something wrong letting the thousands of captured moments on our iPhones fade into memory while receiving nothing of value in through the mail. Postography hopes to put those photos to use and fill those mailboxes with love.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the great ways people are using Postography. Postography would be nothing without the support of the many friends and family members who also deserve our thanks.