Boost Your Happiness By Saying Thank You--the Right Way |

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It is close to the heart because we truly believe in the power of reaching out and saying "Hi", "I love you", or "Thank you". We hope that as people discover the ease of using Postography, they will take advantage of more moments throughout the day to simply reach out to a friend or loved one and let them know "You're on my mind."

Enjoy this piece. And then, send a postcard.

Saying thank you isn't just the right thing to do. It's also a boon to your well-being.


Brain studies suggest that the capacity to experience positive emotions may be fundamental to human flourishing.


Shawn Achor, a leading speaker on positive psychology, focuses on the idea of positivity in the present. Forget about delaying happiness until some lofty goal is reached, he says. Happiness is achievable today and every day. That means connecting it into your daily work.

One thing Achor recommends is to write at least one message of gratitude each day. He says this simple gesture has the potential to boost your own happiness, and that the act itself can flood your system with dopamine, the happiness hormone. What a win-win! Writing a note or email of gratitude is as much a boon to your own happiness as it is to that of the person you're sending it to.

Saying It Right

This might sound overwhelming at first, but if you put it into the context of what you're working on, it can be both beneficial and highly productive.

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